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We recently completed a survey in which we had over 5,000 responses to a variety of questions about marijuana and its political impact.
The report from this survey is available here, but the biggest takeaway is that legalization is a hugely important issue that impacts a large proportion of Americans. With 73% of respondents viewing legalization as one of the most important issues in the upcoming election, our data shows politicians how best to address this valuable voter group.
Although this survey is over, your thoughts comprise most of our data. We will continue to conduct research on voter sentiments in the future as the political and legal landscape changes. In order to ensure that our research always reflects what’s currently going on, we must continue to gather your feedback and responses.

Make sure that you sign up below so you can help us maintain momentum towards legalization. Even if you don’t currently use marijuana, your opinions are important, and we want to know what you think.


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