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2016 Cannabis Voter Report

It’s almost time for the election, which means that in less than a month things are going to be pretty different. It’s not only up to the person who wins this election to invoke some serious change, but it’s also up to those who fill the 400+ seats that are up for grabs in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

One issue that will likely experience some change is marijuana legalization. With this election right around the corner, we thought it was vital to gather data on voters, what matters to them, and how politicians can best address these concerns so they can adequately represent them.

We compiled a 51-question survey that ranged in topics from demographics and consumption habits to their views on marijuana in the scope of the November election. Polls were open from July 18th and until August 12th and received over 5,800 responses.

Not surprisingly, we found marijuana legalization has a significant impact and influence on voters sentiments this upcoming election; it doesn’t matter their gender, education level, race, income level, or even political affiliation or beliefs. We also found that regardless of whether or not someone has ever used marijuana before, most people would prefer to use legal medical marijuana over more dangerous and more addictive prescription drugs.

The 2016 Voter Panel has provided pertinent information about where voters stand and, in a way, is a politician’s guide on how to fully take on the leadership role they have been given. Our representatives are the ones able to make the changes that voters deserve to see. As Abraham Lincoln stated in the Gettysburg Address, our government is “..of the people, by the people, for the people…” Those being elected into office this November have one main job: to accurately represent their constituents’ views and beliefs, views and beliefs which we have detailed through our extensive research and which is now available in our Voter Panel Report.

Here is full 2016 Cannabis Voter Report:


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  1. Jessica Bryant October 23, 2016  at  5:25 pm Reply

    Good job! Very interesting survey results. Not exactly shocked at the number of people that agree that it should be legalized on the Fed level but didn't realize that such a majority of those who participated agree....Somewhat shocked at how many Republicans agreed.

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