We are looking for all types of people to participate in our 2016 Voter Panel. Our poll will cover important topics and concerns in the upcoming 2016 election that matter most to you, including both local and state issues. The more people who participate, the stronger our voice. Together we will bring visibility to important upcoming issues relating to marijuana. Sign up here to join the movement! #PotVotesCount

Are you unsure if you qualify to be part of the voter panel?  If you can say yes to any of the below, sign up now!

  • Have you consumed marijuana? Whether its once or every day
  • Are you a family member or friend of a consumer?
  • Do you work in the industry or service businesses involved with the marijuana industry?
  • Do you live near a dispensary?

Cannalytics is a research company started by long-term cannabis consumers and experienced digital marketers and data analysts.  Cannalytics is representing the voice of the cannabis community and the people it impacts.  If cannabis affects your life (~200 million in the U.S.), then Cannalytics will amplify your voice to politicians, businesses, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and the media. Cannalytics is changing the way cannabis is viewed.

But it doesn’t stop there! As marijuana legalizes, cannabis consumers deserve the right to influence the commercialization process. Your opinions do matter and by collecting your votes, Cannalytics will help shape the way you dine, travel, work and live with cannabis. Our voice is stronger than you think and at Cannalytics, we demand that it be heard.

2016 Voter Panel

2016 Voter Panel

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